Wolf Blitzer goes on Jeopardy, answers the question “Is that guy really that stupid?”

by editor on September 18, 2009

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer appeared on Celebrity Jeopardy last night and proved once and for all that, yes, he is that stupid.

The thin veneer of intellectual superiority was stripped away and the know-it-all Blitzer proved he knew nothing when he competed against actress Dana Delaney and comedian Andy Richter.

To be blunt, Blitzer sucked. He was an ignoramus. He embarrassed his friends, his family, his employers, short people, bearded people, and fellow clueless liberals.

Richter won the game with an incredible $68,000 total. Delaney racked up an creditable $9,300. But Wolf’s final score was -$4800. Yes, negative $4,800.

It’s very difficult for a Jeopardy contestant to come up enough wrong answers to go that far in the hole. It takes great effort and even greater ignorance.

Where’s that damn Teleprompter when it’s really needed?

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I love Dana she is the best Lois Lane ever even if it was just her voice. Interestingly enough there were two Lois Lanes in Desperate Housewife.

Heck if I had been Wolf I would have gone the way of a cave dweller. That was just embarrassing man.


Dana looks hot in those glasses!

Kip Hooker

They should have given him an answer about tea-baggers; I’m sure he and Anderson Cooper have gone 360 on that subject.


Umm I dislike Wolf just as much as the last guy but he was ONLY down -$4,600!

just peeved

He has the IQ of an ACORN


Acorns around the world are insulted by this statement. LOL


I guess this means that Sean Connery could beat Wolf too. And don’t forget to take into account that celebrity Jeopardy has much easier questions than regular Jeopardy and he still sucked.


Wow that was a BLITZZER! More proof talking heads at CNN are most noteable for DUI’s & Hitn’Runs then they are for intelligent thought. Mr. Dobbs excluded.

Duke Guy

Sorry Wolf there is no “U” in socialism.


My wife and I were watching this episode last night. Perhaps Wolf should try out for Celebrity Wheel of Fortune instead.


ROFLMAO !!! Welcome to the nudification of the Turdhed in Chief ! Telling truth is NONE of these weasel clowns on the left can make it in any REAL competitive arena. This is just the most recent instance.


Unbelievable… this at least explains why the media is so un-curious about what the Obama administration is up to. They don’t seem to be able to handle complexities and see through to things like unintended consequences.

With Obama being the domestic ‘bully’ that He felt the US had become internationally, there is no one in the media except Fox who will stand up to the Democrats when they say such outrageous things as “there will be no impact to the budget” regarding the health care plan.

And as the public discourse grows more contentious ( http://www.conservativeblog.thewebinfocenter.com/conservative-blog/pelosi-concern-over-public-discourse ) the lame media correspondents will just lament the lack of civility.


“no one in the media except Fox who will stand up to the Democrats when they say such outrageous things as “there will be no impact to the budget”

They were just reporting the facts as given by Obama. Would he lie to them?


It’s why in other countries, they call them “news readers.” Not much thinking going on when all you do is read it off a teleprompter. Just ask Obama.


I watched both videos, and laughed when I saw that they had to wipe out Wolfie’s debt and give him $1,000 at the end–I’m certain Wolfie thought that was the right thing to do as it reflects what his cherished socialism is all about.


You summed it up perfectly in your last line. My theory has always been that he must be someone’s grandson or son-in-law because no one that bad at telling the news should have his own show on what is considered the world’s leading news agency.