Al Sharpton ends the year on a high note: “Imagine the arrogance of allowing people to say what they want”

by editor on December 27, 2010

You put Al Sharpton in front of a camera with Ed Schultz and it’s inevitable that something stupid will be said (again).

Sharpton didn’t disappoint in his remarkably unsuccessful, yet on-going jihad against Rush Limbaugh. He wants government regulations to stop the world’s highest rated talk show host from saying those horrible things Sharpton imagines that he says.

Sharpton: Well, first of all, we’re not talking about censorship. We’re talking about standards. [R-i-i-i-g-h-t.] And there are already standards in place. We’re saying those standards ought to include those that in an explicit or even an implicit way practice racism or sexism or homophobia on the airwaves. And can you imagine the arrogance of saying federally-regulated airwaves should not be subjected to federal public hearings, so they should just grant licenses, allow people to say what they want?

Just wondering, Al, would those new regulations stop you and Ed Schultz from saying the things you say?

Nah, we didn’t think so.

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Have you noticed how Al looks even older, more tired, and more unnecessary than usual? I almost feel sorry for the poor old fool……Nah.


Sharpton should shut his race-baiting, hateful, fear-mongering pie hole. He is a grifter and a con man who knows only how to play the race card.
THIS JUST IN! The race card has been played so many times, and called out, much like Chicken Little, that it has no more value. Find another card, Al.
Typical lib national socialist thugs. When will they shed their expensive tailored clothes and just wear what comes naturally? Like brown shirts, jackboots and SS and SA emblems.


Uhm… look in the mirror Al while you are saying that… but even if he does he will never get it. It is amazing how liberals operate. They want to say whatever THEY want but then silence the speech of others they disagree with… classic and moronic.


In a just universe dickheads like Al Sharpton would be stricken with bleeding anal warts and die slow in total agony. I keep praying for a just universe….


Trust me when I say that we do live in that universe and unless he gets right in life, he will get his just desserts… either now or later but he will.


Ask Alfraud Sharpton how much money he got from Carolyn maloney to keep quiet about the N/word?Ask Alfraud Sharpton how much money he got from Ned Lamont to go and attack Liberman in the last Senate race?Ask Alfraud Sharpton how much money he got from Andrew Cuomo.It goes on and on.IF YOU DON’T PAY HIM YOUR A RACIST.THAT IS HIS BUSINESS.


Airwaves? What, is Al stuck in the 60’s?

Airwaves. Nice try, Schmuck.


Yes, those guys who wrote the First Amendment were some pretty arrogant people. Imagine, being able to say whatever you want to say. By the way, Reverend, (cough, cough), shut the hell up.

Mountain biker 21

Al Sharpton should have been investigated, tried, found guilty and thrown in jail for his involvement in the Tawana Brawley rape hoax. The fact the this maniacal race baiter got away with this crap, allows him to think he can continue to shovel his special brand of hate.

Grammar Fuhrer

Liberals love free speech, except when it’s used against them.


Reparations ?


Rev.Al is all for reparations, especially if he can get his cut of the action. Between him & the Rev.Jackson, they have done more to wrench the gears of race relations then anyone in my lifetime. Because they need racial problems in order to make a living, it is in their best interest to keep race problems going.


What about freeobamaphonophobic?


We shouldn’t allow people to be homophobic on TV?

Should we also clamp stop people from appearing on TV if they’re ablutophobic, acarophobic, acerophobic, achluophobic, acousticophobic, aeroacrophobic, aeronausiphobic… etc.?

Y’see, folks? You wanted to call it a “phobia” so people who are disgusted by gay sex would be “crazy.” But now we’re a protected victim class!