Life imitates Cheers: Woody runs for office, promises “change”

by editor on November 16, 2009

This is eerie. Eerie and hilarious.

Cheers’ bartender Woody Boyd decides to run for the city council. Psychiatrist and barfly Frasier Crane, the bar’s elitist snob, becomes his campaign manager.

Frasier believes that anyone — even a country bumpkin like Woody — can get elected if he’s willing to spout meaningless cliches. His advice to Woody? Don’t say anything specific — just keep repeating vapid slogans like “change.”

Could this episode have been any more prescient?

Source: Big Hollywood

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When you have no experience, no accomplishments and no morals, what else can you campaign on? Change. And “some” change is what we are getting! But we are also getting a lot of the same old Chicago Style Demo-crap Party Machine. Hope this madness ends soon!


That is actually amazing.


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