Christian terrorists arrested in North Carolina

by editor on August 8, 2009

Remember a couple months ago when Janet Napolitano issued a report warning about the dangers of “homegrown” terror and suggested that conservatives needed to be watched?

Well, damned if she wasn’t right. This week the FBI arrested six men who organized terrorist ring right in the heart of conservative North Carolina. This dangerous group of Christian extremists were plotting to…

What’s that? They weren’t Christians? They were actually homegrown Muslims?

Well, that certainly screws up this story.

Source: LittleGreenFootballs

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Creeping Sharia

and DHS, Obama, DoJ et al are SILENT!!!!

this is at least the 3rd significant takedown of Muslim jihadists in the US since Obama took office & he has yet to address the issue


Welcome to our site, Creeping Sharia. We’re big fans of your blog. so it’s my pleasure to recommend it to our readers: Everyone should check it out.

Kip Hooker

Well since we are plugging websites how about . . . ah heck, like Joe Biden might say, I can’t remember the website number. Seriously though, Creeping Sharia is a great blog.


Oh, but let us not keep an eye on them. They might feel like they were being profiled!