Bad news for Murdoch haters: Fox dominates cable ratings, now Fox TV expected to win November ratings

by editor on November 30, 2009

Rupert Murdoch has plenty of reasons to smile.

Rupert Murdoch has plenty of reasons to smile.

That hideous sound you hear is Keith Olbermann gnashing his teeth over nemesis Rupert Murdoch’s remarkable success.

Not only does Fox News continue to dominate the cable news ratings, but now, for the first time in history, Fox Television is expected to win the important November ratings.

We’ll step aside and let The Live Feed give you the details:

Thanks to a heavily viewed World Series and the network’s most stable fall lineup in years, Fox is averaging a 3.5 adult demo rating as of Wednesday afternoon.

Fox is up 17% from its November sweeps period last year in the advertiser-coveted adult demographic and is the only major broadcast network to post a gain. With viewing levels down 6% from last year, ABC is in second place with 3.2 (-9%). CBS is third with 3.0 (-12%). NBC is fourth with 2.6 (-16%) and the CW has a 1.2 (+9%). ABC would come out on top if sports programming were excluded. Fox previously tied NBC to win November sweeps in 2001, but has never won the outright.

They said Rupert Murdoch was crazy when he started a fourth television network to challenge ABC, CBS and NBC. Then history repeated itself and they said he was crazy again when he started a cable news network to challenge CNN.

Crazy, you might say, like a Fox.

Source: The Live Feed

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Good for Mr. Murdoch. It puts those sniveling little liberal twits in their place. BSnbc is a total train wreck, CommieNewsNetwork is boring as hell, and the Big three networks have lost all their credibility.
Cheers, Mr. Murdoch! You deserve it.


Even Fox is low on real news high on sensationalism. I like to listen to BBC just to get something a little more thoughtful than the latest celebrity scandal or brutal murder. They cover the US better than US Media — and while they still have a liberal bent, their reporters ask tough questions to both conservatives and liberals


The BBC is ok, but it does push a leftist agenda. They still promote crap like “GlobalWarming/ClimateChange” weekly. They are a taxpayer funded group, & like all who rely on tax money, they support big gov’t leftist policies. BTW, it’s a TV tax, You have a TV, you must pay to have it every year. It’s a license fee, nice.

You are on the right scent though on the British covering America better then Americans. Traffic to British news sites, UK papers in particular, is through the roof, & the traffic is coming from Americans who want the news they know the American MSM is not reporting on.


There are probably no British Murdoch Newspapers.. but Confusius say.. if your tutu fits, buy it in every color!


Yes he does have papers. The Times of London, & The Sun are his.

Jack Wilson

Murdock hit on a sneaky and diabolical formula: allow a political viewpoint to be aired that represents the majority of the country and which is essentially ignored by the competition.

The Obumbly Obomster

The problem with all media outlets is they piggy back off of everyone else. My local paper is chock full of articles from the AP, and most other news outlets use the AP for their news. They have become lazy. The news is not news anymore. It’s become entertainment, and people don’t realize this, and there is no good way to solve this. Thinking through this problem gives me a headache, because every single proposition for fixing this problem ALWAYS ends up relying on the character of the people who run these publications. Every system is perfect until you put people in them. People just suck.