A Potemkin Village economic recovery to re-elect Obama “It seems all too likely that a presidential campaign which used ‘GM is alive, Osama is dead’ as its campaign theme ordered or pressured GM executives to keep the assembly lines running all-out regardless of the business consequences.” Now, the deluge of layoffs. Oh, and those “good” housing and jobs numbers from Sept and Oct are suddenly being revised downward. Lies, damn lies and Barack Obama.

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What makes you think the MSM will release this info where anyone will see it?


Of course the =other= reason this was all being held under cover was so it could be released as =resulting= from a Romney victory.

On the bright side, maybe enough Oihoans and others will be hit hard enough on the head with the magnitude of the Big Lie that was pitched to them, and inspire them to pick up the torches, pitchforks, and kettles of hot tar.

/Purely metaphorically, OF COURSE.


Awe the power of the liars. Manipulate all of the numbers, stuff the ballot boxes and then have the union goons go out and haul every last person on the streets to the polls. Yet again, the faucet of truth is dripping out the facts and all of the fools have been played again.

So when the true numbers are finally tallied will the numbers for November come tumbling down as well? With out a doubt. When you have more than half a million people who have just stopped looking for a job, then you send out your socket puppets to spout off how great the economy is doing it must be really hard to look so pleased when you know the true numbers are shit.!!