Number of workers aged 25-54 back to April 1997 levels. Hmmm, the number takes a big tumble and lies on the bottom like a dead whale from 2009 on. Meanwhile, the number of workers 55-69 looks like a graph of the US Zimbabwe’s national debt. Parabolic!

workers 25-54

workers 55-69

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How many of those younger workers don’t because they don’t feel like it? I just don’t buy the no jobs to be had excuse. They’re out there. They may not be dream jobs but there is work.. Car dealers are hiring all the time, for example.


Yet retirees are working so they can afford the luxuries that aren’t part of the CPI, like food, fuel, heat, and electric.


Oh, and they are trying to make up for that crappy COL increase from SS.


I don’t know what your problem is. The Borg has told you unemployment is down. What else do you need to know?