U.S. blows half a million bucks studying the sex lives of truck drivers

by editor on July 6, 2010


Truck drivers aren't just filling their tanks at those roadside truck stops

What’s with the federal government blowing (you’ll pardon the expression) all this money studying sex? $1.44 million to study male Vietnamese prostitutes, $26 million to study drunken Chinese hookers, and now this.

CNS reports the latest waste of your tax dollars:

The federal government has spent $550,496 on a project that involved conducting “focus groups and in-depth interviews” with American long-haul truck drivers to learn about their sex lives in order to assess their risk of contracting HIV or other sexually transmitted infections.

The project has failed to find any instances of HIV among the truck drivers studied.

The government may have worded some of the questions a bit too formally. We would suggest that they would get more honest answers in the future if they simply rephrase the questions by using terminology with which the truck drivers can identify. For example:

Question #1: Have you ever hooked your big rig up to a strange trailer Question #3: Have you ever been rear-ended at a truckstop? Question #7: Have you ever made a long haul delivery down the chocolate highway? Question #12: Have you ever gone the wrong way up a one-way street?

We’re just sayin’.

Source: CNSnews.com

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If it is possible to say that truck drivers TEND to be conservatives in their lifestyles it may explain the low incidences of HIV, it is interesting though the ASSUMPTION that truck drivers would be at a higher risk of HIV than some other people in some other profession. Why would they assume that? Weird.

I don’t get the point of the study. There has to be a reason for the assumption and I have to wonder if the questions included political affiliations as well.


BILLY BOBB CLINTON wanted to be first in line to lay his body down , for this country


Hey, it was ex New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey- D – who was having anonymous gay sex at truck stops & rest areas along the NJ turnpike. That makes him more of an expert then anyone in gov’t today.


Who came up with those questions? Barney Frank?