Indiana Lawmaker Turns Tables on Professional Journalists. While we love the free press, we also hate the anti-gun press. Would you support this or not?

An Indiana Representative is forcing the establishment media to look in the mirror and face their hypocrisy.

He is proposing the First Amendment in Indiana be treated the same as the Second Amendment. His proposal is that journalists be required to apply for a license before they are allowed to publish.

If they have felony convictions, they might not be allowed to publish.

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I know it’s all to prove a point, so I love it!

Joe Redfield
Joe Redfield

Progressives would make this trade every day – if they got to be in charge of issuing the ‘journalism’ licenses.

Not so silent
Not so silent

I like it! make them go through a background check, take a test to see if they understand the rules, then they have to write something to show competency, then they can be on probation for a number of years and their license subject to revocation for mental illness or domestic violence. And if they lie they are done for life.