Iranians announce that they love President Obama.
And that they have weapons grade uranium.

by editor on February 12, 2010

How’s that hope and change working? How’s that smart power working? How’s that “we’ll-talk-to-Iran-with-no-preconditions” working?

The Iranians laugh at our President. And who can really blame them?

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Why anyone should listen to hypocrites like the USA is beyond me. You people, along with your Israeli friends, are just ‘Mad Dogs’. You’re cruising the world, stealing resources, murdering at will. Destroying anyone who is not prepared to do as they’re told, yet still trying to present yourselves as a great country, while in fact you are not a force for good, you are fast becoming the most hated race on the planet.

Chris Watson

Yes, there’s something quite cool about the Iranians in that way.

A bit like the French – I love them too, for their ‘FU, why should we do what you want’ attitude.

America should learn to love both those countries. 🙂