Pelosi: “Every month…500,000,000 Americans lose their jobs”

by editor on February 4, 2009

Here’s another one to add to the “Best of Nancy Pelosi” reel. Nancy “The Genius” Pelosi says that every month we don’t pass the economic stimulus bill, another 500 million Americans lose their jobs.

She must be including illegal aliens.

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Mark (administrator)
Mark (administrator)

It turns out this is not the first time Nancy Pelosi said $500 million a month. From the Jan 18, 2009 Fox News Sunday Transcript:,2933,480468,00.html

PELOSI: …But in terms of what we have to do in the first 100 days, we must address the needs of this country. Five hundred million people will lose their jobs each month until we have an economic package.
WALLACE: No, 500,000.
PELOSI: What did I say, million?
WALLACE: Yes, 500 million. That would really be a recession.
PELOSI: Oh, no. Excuse me. Thank you for correcting me.
PELOSI: It feels like 500 million. Five hundred thousand Americans will lose their jobs each month until we have a recovery package.

Thanks to Tammy Bruce for pointing this out on her website.


George W. Bush, Dumbest Man Alive…

I’m sure you’ll see headlines exactly to that effect tomorrow, once you see the astounding video evidence:

(For the record, there are a mere 305 million Americans in all of our vast land, at least if you believe the evil warmongers at the Census B…

Mark (administrator)
Mark (administrator)

Let’s see, since this is a world economy now, that means that in a little over 13 months, the entire world will be unemployed. Talk about a depression!

But seriously, did she mean in all of Obama’s 57 states or just the 50 special ones?