The story that won’t die: Obama’s birth certificate

by editor on May 27, 2011

Just in case you’ve never heard of him, Alex Jones is a talk show host. It’s probably safe to say he’s a third tier talk show host. He’s a conspiracy theorist who’s often nuttier than Aunt Dodie’s fruitcake, but occasionally fascinating.

In this clip, Jones discusses his conversation with author Jerome Corsi, who claims he has incontrovertible evidence that Obama knowingly unveiled a forged birth certificate.

We’re not buying it but, damn, wouldn’t it be fun if it were true?

(Note: Mr. Administrator wants me to say he does think there could be something to it.)

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Too many facts here. If you don’t want to believe them,so what? I believe them. Nobody has yet to prove that Obastard has qualified to be potus. When was the last time that any of this kind of fraudulent bull sh%% took place in government? If you idiots weren’t so thirsty for Obastards kool-aid, none of this would be happening.