Rush Limbaugh gave Chris Matthews incurable hydrophobia

by editor on February 19, 2009

Chris Matthews is foaming at the mouth again, driven to a wild-eyed frenzy by Rush Limbaugh. Matthews barraged a recent Republican Hardball guest with these questions about the conservative talk titan:

“Would you live in a country where he wrote the Constitution?”

“Would you live in a country where he wrote our rights? Listed our rights? Where he listed our rights. Would you live, would you live in that country?”

“Is he a sacred cow?”

“Say something, say something wrong, say something nasty about Rush Limbaugh!”

The Center for Disease Control is expected to issue the following statement: Future Hardball guests are advised to get precautionary rabies shots before approaching Chris Matthews.

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I heard him talking about the Obamessiah the other day. It sounds like that thrill in his leg has turned into a tingle in his dingle.

He’s very hard to watch :).

Robbins Mitchell

Prissy Chrissy hasn’t been the same since Zell Miller punked him live on the air during the 2004 GOP Convention…..he’s become progressively nelly ever since….and progressively irrelevant