Rush Limbaugh gave Chris Matthews incurable hydrophobia

by editor on February 19, 2009

Chris Matthews is foaming at the mouth again, driven to a wild-eyed frenzy by Rush Limbaugh. Matthews barraged a recent Republican Hardball guest with these questions about the conservative talk titan:

“Would you live in a country where he wrote the Constitution?”

“Would you live in a country where he wrote our rights? Listed our rights? Where he listed our rights. Would you live, would you live in that country?”

“Is he a sacred cow?”

“Say something, say something wrong, say something nasty about Rush Limbaugh!”

The Center for Disease Control is expected to issue the following statement: Future Hardball guests are advised to get precautionary rabies shots before approaching Chris Matthews.

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I heard him talking about the Obamessiah the other day. It sounds like that thrill in his leg has turned into a tingle in his dingle.

He’s very hard to watch :).

Robbins Mitchell
Robbins Mitchell

Prissy Chrissy hasn’t been the same since Zell Miller punked him live on the air during the 2004 GOP Convention…..he’s become progressively nelly ever since….and progressively irrelevant