Jerry Brown shows why he was nicknamed “Governor Moonbeam”

by editor on February 19, 2009

Jerry Brown has quite a resume: Jesuit seminary drop-out. Former California governor. Current California attorney general. World traveler. Lunatic.

During an interview last week, radio host Michael Savage brought up the Fairness Doctrine and observed that Brown sounded as if he favored state control over the media.

“Well,” Brown said, “a little state control wouldn’t hurt anybody.”

“If you have no views of one side, like in certain campaigns if somebody is attacking you, there’s got to be some room for the other side,” Brown continued. “It’s an attempt to balance, not to censor.”

This is why Jerry had to drop out of the Catholic seminary. He thought the Scientologists and Druids should have equal time every Sunday.

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What I find so amazing is the citizens in Kalifornia elected the Moonbeam, again, knowing full well what a liberal clown he has always been. Has everyone with any balls already left the state? Ya’ll keep electing the same old fools to your House and Senate and you think a nutered, metrosexual male is going to make any difference?

Jerry Brown is not the only problem California has. Governors sign the bills that hit their desk and that is all they can do. Ya’ll need to start looking closer to home, who is getting elected to represent you in the House and Senate, at home and at the national level. Changes start at home and work up from there.

Louie Ballon
Louie Ballon

California is broke.

Our American kids from American parents who pay taxes need help in education.

Our Colleges are broke.

Our schools are broke.

And Jerry Brown the California Governor is giving free education to illegal Immigrants?.

Jerry Brown should go to the “CRAZY HOSPITAL”, so they could operate on his brain and perhaps he could be a bit normal after the operation.

He is a “TRAITOR” to his own people.

He should be removed from office.

Wendell Wettstein
Wendell Wettstein

There was a cartoon of Jerry Brown with flies buzzing around his head-subtitled “Lord of the Flies”–he refused to spray the fruit flies–resulting in a near disaster for farmers. Can you find it?


“Throw the bum out!” is the first thing that comes to mind with Brown. The second thing is, “Sell the oil leases and DRILL HERE NOW!” California would not be having budget problems if they used money from oil leases to pay the bills, like Alaska does. Alaska actually gives money BACK to their citizens.


One of the numerous reasons why California has budget problems is that they or rather, the CA taxpayers fork over $500 million dollars (and counting) EVERY YEAR for the costs of illegal immigration…at the top are health care, education and incarceration. I can’t wait until the anchor babies can vote!


God bless those druids.