Let’s celebrate the elections with free Slurpees for everyone

by editor on November 4, 2010

Obama slurpee contest

Hey, these things cost $1.89 down at our local 7-Eleven, so 25 of them damn near depletes our annual promotional budget

It’s not every day your team wins a landslide victory. So let’s celebrate.

To commemorate the Republican’s Tuesday Tsunami and President Obama’s 25th reference to “Republicans are sippin’ Slurpees,” IHateTheMedia.com is giving away Slurpees to 25 lucky winners.

A reporter even asked the President about Slurpees in today’s post-election press conference. So let’s strike while the subject is hot and the slushy, icy drinks are cold.

It’s easy to win one of IHateTheMedia.com 25 Slurpees. Just submit your entry in a comment on this post. Tell us in 25 words or less what you liked most about Tuesday’s elections. Contest ends midnight (PST) November 12, 2010.

This ain’t no liberal contest, so creativity and cleverness will get you extra points.

Please, only contest entries allowed in comments; sorry, but we’ll have to delete anything else.

Source: CBS News

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I liked the fact the winning margin was wide enough that the left couldn’t to use the same excuses they use every time they lose by small votes


SLURPY TIME? Let me get this correct – when the Pres says he (The Democrats) was working hard getting the car out of the ditch, that means creating a 2500 page document of new laws that Nancy P. said she did not know what was in it and we had to pass it to find out what is in it.. What is the name of the company up north that made up the 2500 page document? Who in congress helped form it? How much debate happened on the floor of congress to make it happen? Was it done constitutionally?
Were they holding slurpees at that time?

James T

The American public spoke and got what they wanted, not what the liberal media wanted for them!

Pittsburgh Z

Jackson is a low down dirty Playa.

Ridin’ dirty when he already had a wife. He is a putz….

Pittsburgh Z

I love how The Jump Shooter in Chief, or maybe now we should just call him Phileas Fogg in light of the trip to India, talks down to his black audiences….

“sippin’ on a slurp-ah, fannin’ themselves”

It’s comical the way his inflection and voice changes depending on his audience. He is a fraud.


Unfortunately, whilst the rest of our nation is begining to see the light, my own dearest Washinton State has decided to stay in the dark…


I live in California – how do you think *I* feel??


On television
Liberals turn red
sweet communist tears


Haiku is 5-7-5, not 5-5-5. Just for future reference.


Liberals always shortchange us!


Conservatives finally stopped shooting each other down on social issues and decided to WIN on Smaller Government, Less Taxes and More FREEDOM!