Tea partier challenges TV networks to call him a racist

by editor on April 22, 2010

tea party not racist

We didn’t see this photo on the nightly news. Did you? Of course not. It wouldn’t have matched up with the approved liberal narrative.

H/T: Buzzfeed.com

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This is my new name, those are funny quotes you found, another example of how incredibly stupid and closed minded liberals are, my sister is one of them, I don’t even talk to her any more because it quickly deteriates into how screwed up America is but now that obama is here we have a chance.


Assuming they are together, sistah has a hot guy there.

To answer your question… nope never seen it. I wonder if it is or was on Fox?

matthew s harrison

she is probably photo-shopped into all their wedding pics, family vacation pics-and the kids-oh, they are photo shopped in too. They probably pay little black kids from someone elses family to pretend to be their kids on stage for the school play, etc.

I love it! Half the vids on youtube about tea parties are of black people speaking at the rallies. the left are stumped.

It is just starting to get good. Watch for the soetero chicago machine to start going after individual candidates in the coming months, in each place where dems’ seats are up for grabs. The lefty media will glom onto the smallest of nit-picking that is dredged up by the soetero operatives. look for all kinds of court cases against candidates running against dems. It will get very ugly-just like it did here in Illinois when barry had his opponents impeached for technicalities, and by airing their personal business into the news.
The emperor of douchiness will be “in full effect” as they say where he comes from!


The Daily Kooks will probably say the picture was photoshopped to add the black person.

This is my new name

doesnt matter, i saw this before, and everyone was just going
(all of these are more or less accurate quotes)
“she is a prop”

“look at how pissed he looks next to a black woman”

“look at him, bald, beard, sunglasses, he looks like a nazi”

“he is trying to avoid her, they sure to go through alot to try and save themselves, but we know the truth, everybody knows how racist the teabaggers are”

and perhaps the most absurd:

“doesnt mean he isnt racist, it doesnt matter if thats his wife, sister, cousin, friend, he can still hate her for being black, racism doesnt mean you cant be near black people, it means you hate being near black people”

lets break that shit down:

racism: acting on prejudice based on race, ethnicity, region – there is no way to be racist (in the manner they imply) and friendly with black people, because….
racism (2): a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities

basically, if you are a racist, you think that say, black people are all evil rapists and criminals, and cant be redeemed, because being a criminal is bound in their blood, your brain forces you to avoid harm, if you truly think black people can harm you, your brain is going to stop you from getting near one at all costs (the brain performs two primary functions, seek pleasure, avoid pain)

i could go on, but i just realized how friggin big this post is already.

so ill conclude with this, while his shirt is too baggy to get a good read, it seems to me that his body and facial language are indicating not that of uncomfortable, disgusted, or fearful man, but rather of a dude a little pissed, and 100% serious about what he is doing

he means what he says on that sign, and he hates that people call him a racist.

just sayin’


He is angry because he is daring the media to put that picture up. Who knows how heavy that thing is. It looks like it is wood if he has to balance that thing in just one hand and try to be next to the lady I can see why his frame seems a bit uncomfortable. Regardless…. THERE IS NO WAY that a black person ESPECIALLY a woman would WILLINGLY stand next to a guy who is a racist and smile like that no way. So regardless of his own situation the “arguments” are still baseless and stupid in regard to the lady.