Want to save black babies’ lives? That makes you a racist.

by editor on June 24, 2011

Black is beautiful just turned ugly. A California organization has been accused of racism because it ran pro-life outdoor boards in black neighborhoods.

Of course it sounds insane. But Representative Barbara Lee is involved in the story, so it’s insane by definition.


Racist. Racist. Racist. Racist. Racist. Racist. Racist. Racist. Just keep repeating it until it's meaningless.

CNB has the story of the aborted ad campaign:

…The Issues4Life Foundation and The Radiance Foundation have launched a pro-life billboard campaign with the goal of saving the lives of hundreds of thousands of black babies aborted in America each year.

“The impact of abortion in the black community is the Darfur of America,” Walter B. Hoye II, president of the Issues4Life Foundation, told Life Site News.

The signs in question contain the message “Black & Beautiful” and are going up in largely black communities in Oakland, Calif.

Statistics show that black women are three times more likely to have abortions as the general population. So it would seem to be a good idea to run the ads in black neighborhoods. But, no, attempting to save the lives of black babies is – you guessed it – racist.

… Planned Parenthood and California pro-choice groups are calling the ads racist. They say the “black & beautiful” slogan is too close to the “black is beautiful” cultural-pride campaign made popular in the 1960s.

Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., has also spoken out against the billboards.

“I am deeply offended by the race-based billboards that are being displayed in my congressional district by the Radiance Foundation and Issues4life,” she said in a statement.

“These billboards stigmatize women of color and perpetuate myths about parenting skills and the types of women who seek and use abortion services,” Lee added.

You know the race mongers have truly jumped the shark when attempting to save the lives of black babies is called racism.

And in the case of Barbara Lee, it’s just too bad that retroactive abortion isn’t legal.

Source: CBN

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The liberals must surely want what Sanger wanted, ethnic cleansing. They have to know what she was about if they can read. They can declare all day that the right to abort your babies is about the rights of women and their health etc but there is no way they can believe that. It is a sly, under-handed liberal trick and they have fooled and have given the women, mostly black, an out if they get pregnant. Just kill the little sucker and go on with your life until the next time, then do it again. We’ll even get the taxpayers to pay for it. At the rate of black abortions and the black killing on the streets we should see quite a decline of blacks in this country in the not too far future. Just what Sanger wanted.




With Gosnell this issue has become even more prevalent these days. He made a point to treat Black Women with great disdain and had no problem murdering children who were alive out of the womb (who were Black). Gosnell is a racist and all who worked for him. There was this woman who admitted that Planned Parenthood stood by the same belief system that Gosnell (he just took it a bit too far). I don’t understand why this is happening other than ignorance, but I hope that with the rise of Conservative Blacks they can go into the churches and community and educate. It is sorely needed.


What do Barack Obama, Planned Parenthood and the Democratic Party all have in common? Abortion and ethnic killing of babies!



Thanks for the video, TaterSalad. Abortion’s disproportionate effect on the black community in the United States is something the media won’t touch. Nor will they speak about the condescending attitude many liberals have towards blacks. Consider the following.

“Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.”
-Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in a 2009 interview with
The New York Times Magazine





Our politicians must be high on whatever we confiscated from the Zatas during that so cxalled “war on drugs thing. (roll eyes).