Wisconsin teacher gets an E for effurt

by editor on February 24, 2011

Why can’t Johnny read? Because his friggin’ teacher can’t read. Someone should make this moron stay after school and write the word “are” one thousand times. Unfortunately, the three R’s have now become reading, ‘riting, and retirement funding.


H/T: MoonBattery.com

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I’m embarrassed for the young lady.


Don’t worry, my daughters are smart enough to stay away from your kids. I teach them to celebrate liberty. Now, since you are such a good conservative, explain why you didn’t exercise your civic responsiblity to vote for McCain or Dole. Or are you explaining that one day, as you got ready to shave your pathetic face, back to your unfulfilling job as assistant fryer chef at the slopshoot, you discovered that you are just a put upon minion to the man. A poor sad sack victim of some corporate Daddy Warbucks. Trapped by your lack of opportunity and financial insignificance, you decided that 250,000 is the magic Republican line you could never cross. With your epiphany, and the 12 dollars you had left after putting 20 bucks into your 98 Ford Probe, you went to the dollar store, picked up a stick, a piece of poster board and a couple sharpies and became a liberal. It is an inspiring story. Really, but you know, I don’t make anywhere near 250,000 a year either. I do feel good voting for conservative candidates. But then again, my organization understands value for the dollar, as we receive 6 percent of the overall funding, but provide 15 percent of the overall product. We must do it fairly well, because if we performed at the standard of the Wisconsin or US public school teachers, Americans would all be speaking arabic, poorly.


If by intelligent you mean confused, propagandized poorly educated and misled, then true, both you and Paul are the most “intelligent” posters on this thread.

You are making Mao proud. Now, step away from the the bong and get back to knitting those hemp sandals for the commune!


Paul is the most intelligent poster on this thread. His analysis of the wording on the sign makes sense. Perhaps a slash between Our and My would have helped some who were confused to understand the meaning. “Unions Our / My Cup of Tea.” And anyone on here who makes less than $250.000 a year and is against allowing public workers to negotiate does not know how to speak and stand for his or her own self interest. The elite do not care about you and it is only by standing together that the workers, the masses, have gained anything historically. Please wake up and take a stand in your and our interest. “Our” and “my” and “your” interest.