You’re going to die of swine flu this winter. Just like thousands of Aussies did.

by editor on October 15, 2009

The last living Australian takes a stroll on the beach before dying of swine flu

The last living Australian takes a stroll on the beach before dying of swine flu

Our friends down under have just come out of the Southern Hemisphere’s winter with the swine flu raging through the nation, decimating its people and destroying its economy everywhere from the Opera House to the Outback.

Or not.

The predictions had been that the swine flu would kill thousands, maybe tens of thousands of Aussies.

Back in April, the World Health Organization said “all humanity is under threat.”

Aussie Health Minister Nicola Roxon said flu could kill 6000 Aussies this flu season and put 80,000 in hospital. And that’s out of a total population of just 20 million.

Professor Raina MacIntyre, a member of the Government’s influenza advisory group, anticipated an even higher toll.

“If you look at deaths that are directly related to influenza and also to pneumonia, which is the most common complication of influenza,” she said, “we could be looking at anything in the ball park of 10,000 deaths, 10,000 to 20,000 deaths.”

None of it happened.

The actual number of Aussies who died from swine flu?

A mere 185.

As Aussie blogger Andrew Bolt said, “Add swine flu now to a notorious list of other great scare campaigns: bird flu, SARS, acid rain, the Y2K bug, Chernobyl, genetically modified food, impending famines … Oh, and global warming. “

Expect equally devastating results during our upcoming flu season.

Source: Andrew Bolt