Energy Czar is also Ignorance Czar

by editor on June 30, 2009

Energy Czar Carol Browner should be on Dancing With the Stars. Because this woman can dance around a question like nobody’s business. Fox News’ Steve Doocy asks her if she’s actually read the Cap-and-Trade energy bill and she starts with a mean paso doble, segues into a tango, and finishes off with a creditable tap dance.

But as Doocy points out, no, she hasn’t actually read the bill. Damn conservative media being unfair again.


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I’m so ticked off that over a 1,000 page document was passed by politicians that didn’t even take the time to read it!

I think I’ll stop recycling and contribute to global warming in what ever way I can just to get back at these jackasses in D.C.

Had Enough
Had Enough

This moron is a puppet just like all the Obama nut jobs. This global warming hoax will ruin this country.


Maybe she was too busy participating in the Congressional moment of silence for Wacko Jacko to read it?

Fox News is the only News Organization that is willing to put politicians on the spot. It amazes me that the other cable news networks offer “fluff” and “softball” questions when interviewing government officials. Most Americans want answers from their elected officials, not BS. Left wing bloggers are oblivious to the facts, they’ve become a religious liberal cult. You will never read a Huffington Post or Daily Kos posting that would criticize our “Supreme Leader!” or the “mulahs” in his cabinet!