We think we may have found a member of the House dumber than Nancy Pelosi

by editor on April 1, 2010

Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) is a liberal triple threat: Dumber than Nancy Pelosi, crazier than Dennis Kucinich and less coherent than Joe Biden.

The most surprising thing about this video clip is that Admiral Robert Willard was able to keep a straight face while being questioned by Johnson about the Navy’s plan to transfer 8,000 personnel and their families to the tiny island of Guam.

Johnson worries that adding so many people to such a small island might make it “tip over and capsize.” Seriously. That’s what he said. And as you’ll see in the clip, he’s serious. Absolutely serious.

Holy friggin’ moly.

Update: We found the second dumbest congressman, Phil Hare, just the next day.

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So there was this TV show ‘Fantasy Island’ It had a midget announcing the rival of the plane.


I wondered, “Why a midget?”

Well, thank you Johnson! So smart and stylish Democrat!

If there was a normal, full sized man on that island then the weight of that man would be too much and the whole Fantasy Island would simple capsize and flip over! One of life’s puzzles solved at long last: Thanks to the brain trust that is the collective IQ of the DNC. Nice work guys!

Rough Republican
Rough Republican

You found the CBS replacement for Katie Couric!


Okay when I saw the short clip of him saying such a stupid thing I was like okay there has got to be more to this… and there is. Thank you for putting a longer version of the moment. This all goes back to global warming. He is just concerned that a larger population on a small island would create a problem with the weather, the natural resources, etc. This is a problem in a lot of small islands around the world, however the problem would still be there regardless of additional population from overseas. It is natural for small island resources to become depleted if people do not exercise care in their use, however we live in times when we know better. I am willing to assume that the additional forces would bring tech that would help with such issues. That whole thing about it being capsized was a way for him not to get to the REAL point he was after. Perhaps because he knows how tenous the global warming situation is now. He is an idiot global warmer who has no business being in politics and the fools that voted for him should be ashamed of themselves.

art phillips
art phillips

You think this idiot knows what tenuous means?


hey hankie, take a stroll on the beach of guam and see if it tips over! LMAO, what a stupid idiot!