We think we may have found a member of the House dumber than Nancy Pelosi

by editor on April 1, 2010

Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) is a liberal triple threat: Dumber than Nancy Pelosi, crazier than Dennis Kucinich and less coherent than Joe Biden.

The most surprising thing about this video clip is that Admiral Robert Willard was able to keep a straight face while being questioned by Johnson about the Navy’s plan to transfer 8,000 personnel and their families to the tiny island of Guam.

Johnson worries that adding so many people to such a small island might make it “tip over and capsize.” Seriously. That’s what he said. And as you’ll see in the clip, he’s serious. Absolutely serious.

Holy friggin’ moly.

Update: We found the second dumbest congressman, Phil Hare, just the next day.

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Wait, I get it now. It’s April Fools Day. Someone edited the words into his mouth. NO ONE can be this dumb. Not even the dumbest of all–members of congress.

So, how soon do you think the charges of racism are leveled at us?


The scariest thing is that I bet that he’ll be reelected, even if his constituents see the video.

Here’s his district:


Holy shit! Who elected this dufus? Kudos to the admiral for keeping a straight face.

Pittsburgh Z

WoW! That was AWESOME!

I loved how he tipped himself over a bit to sort of demonstrate how Guam will tip over! I have been there, I don’t think it will tip over.

The scary thing is that this guy probably has procreated! And I am beginning to lose my faith in the state of Georgia.