Hitler’s soldiers were whacked out on crystal meth

by editor on April 5, 2011

As our regular readers are well aware, Cops is the Editor’s favorite TV show. His normal life is lived in a peaceful, antiseptic bubble and everything he knows about the horrors of the outside world comes from that outstanding program. And if there’s one thing he’s learned from years of watching Cops, it’s that crystal meth is one bad mofo drug.


Nazi soldiers racing for the nearest pharmacy

Now it turns out that Hitler’s army was whacked out on the stuff 60 years ago.

The News Australia has the story:

The German army’s drug of choice as it overran Poland, Holland, Belgium and France was Pervitin – pills made of methamphetamine, known today as crystal meth.

Thousands of Nazi soldiers were using the drug by the time the Soviet Union was invaded in 1941.

About 200 million Pervitin pills were given to Nazi troops between 1939 and 1945, research by the German Doctors’ Association revealed.

A pharmacologist from the GDA said this week: “The blitzkrieg was fuelled by Pervitin. The idea was to turn ordinary soldiers, sailors and airmen into automatons capable of superhuman performance.”

The downside to the scheme was that many soldiers became addicted to the drug and of no use in any theatre of war.

… In January 1942, a group of 500 troops surrounded by the Red Army was attempting to escape in temperatures of -30C.

The unit’s medical officer wrote: “I decided to give them Pervitin as they began to lie down in the snow wanting to die. After half an hour the men began spontaneously reporting that they felt better.

“They began marching in orderly fashion again, their spirits improved, and they became more alert.”

So thanks to crystal meth, Nazi soldiers were completely alert as they were freezing to death, being slaughtered by the Red Army or captured and sent to Soviet slave camps.

The Editor’s wife might prefer any of those options over watching another episode of Cops. But her taste in television is as questionable as her taste in men.

Source: News.com.au

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And Obama has a crackberry, now you know why the US is so F.U.


“Crack is whack!” — Whitney Houston


I know one thing about crystal meth, it will F**K YOU UP! I’ve had dealings with inmates high on crank and I can assure you, they are violent and nasty when they’re wasted! Not quite as bad as dealing with somebody hyped up on angel dust, but bad enough. Whenever Hitler’s troops were cranked up, they would have been violent and demonic…anyone’s worst nightmare!


Gosh, ITHM! You just ruined one of my favorite pieces of music! I used to love Al Stewart’s song “Roads to Moscow.” I thought it was brilliant and different, a pop song about history!

…Turns out it’s just another pop song about drug use.


So, really, the Germans actually WERE crazy and high during WW2? That’s what this is saying? Everything in WW2 happened because they were all high? Really? REALLY???
As I live and breathe, I am never doing drugs as long as I live. EVER.


Actually, the meth was issued in all German field rations. The food containing the drug was called the “vitamin biscuit” much like the crackers in the current US MRE but without the meth. It was light, small and was carried in their pocket. After once consuming it, the soldier quickly understood the boost the vitamin bisciut and was always carried by combat soldiers as back up and to always have it on hand. It was what enabled the “blitzkrieg” effect that just overwhelmed enemy soldiers with their tenacity, fearlessness and amazing ability to fight for days on end non-stop. Hitler himself was responsible in it’s fielding to the army after his personal doctor began his vitamin therapy on him.

AZ Dude

Are you sure the correct spelling shouldn’t be “Pervertin”?

Kip Hooker

Hitler was on the stuff as well. His doctor called it Vitamultin and told him it was “vitamins” . . . but in reality it was crank.