IHateTheMedia.com’s connection to the ACORN prostitution stings

by editor on September 16, 2009

Some people might not understand the pain associated with knowing your birthplace is one of the worst cities in America.

San Bernardino, California’s never been what you would call famous. Years ago, its biggest claims to fame were that it was home to the first McDonald’s and was the last town mentioned in the lyrics of “Route 66.”

But in recent years, it’s been become better known as “the methamphetimine capital of America” or “the murder capital of America” or “smog capital of the world” or “the political corruption capital of the west.”

Imagine the pride that’s welling up within IHateTheMedia.com’s editor today when as watches this video and sees that San Berdoo, his old hometown, is the latest stop in James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles’ series of ACORN prostitution stings.

Tears are welling up.

Source: BigGovernment.com

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What should we expect when we have a media whore as our president?


Is it just me or did she confess to murdering her ex-husband, and run to a shelter to create an alibi to go with her abuse defense. Also intimidating a witness as referring to the old man across the street? Stay classy liberals!


Don’t feel too bad Editor, South Chicago is worse, much worse.


I love how she starts to say “bleeding heart liberal” would be upset at the prostitution and stops and says that if they were liberal they would help the prostitute!
Tom…. I agree on the Barbara Boxer thing….


I think the ACORN woman mentioned the connections to some politicians by name. Barbara Boxer was one of those names. Surprised that fact wasn’t highlighted (yet).