Liberal talk radio dies in DC today

by editor on February 9, 2009

Ahh...a breath of fresh air in D.C. just smells better in D.C.

The air seems a little cleaner in the nation’s capitol today. Lib talk radio is dead in the District of Columbia.

WWRC-AM had marketed itself as “Obama 1260,” proving that the FCC doesn’t consider stupidity to be sufficient grounds for revocation of a broadcast license. The station has now flipped to a business talk/news format.

Losing affiliates is nothing new for Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz, Bill Press, Ron Reagan, Rachel Maddow and Lionel. But the loss of the Washington, DC market is a particularly harsh blow for liberal talk radio, because the format is rapidly running out off major markets in which it can be dumped.

Miller, often referred to as the rising star of libtalk, has lost market after market and now retains affiliates in just 11 of the top 50 markets. Like many lib talk stations, WWRC ranked dead last in the Washington, DC ratings, 30th out of 30 stations.

As of today, Miller, Schultz, Press, Reagan, Maddow and Lionel are on the street, where they will presumably organize protests and carry picket signs calling for the re-introduction of the Fairness Doctrine.

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at last radio is safe again for angry white males who form bumper to bumper traffic jams.


Wonderful explatnoain of facts available here.


Progressive radio will only survive if the gov’t gets involved to change the rules to their advantage. It can’t be done without the American people not knowing about it, & the fire storm would be like nothing seen in this nation before. Not even Obama & his thugs will survive politically if they try that.

Rush + Beck + Hannity + Levin + Ingraham + Savage + Quinn & Rose + Humphries + Wilkow + Cunningham + Church = Death for liberal/progressive talk radio. Not to mention how God awful Rhodes, Malloy, Miller, Sedar, RFKjr/Papintonio, & Lionel are to try listening to. Not entertaining in the least. Oh, BTW, when you denouce capitalism & profits, but still wonder why you have no sponsers…I mean really.


I love this story! I say, Die, Scum, Die!


Conservative talk radio flourishes for a variety of reasons, but foremost is that it is an escape from constant political correctness in every other form of media. Televison, movies, music radio and newspapers are all filled with political slant, multi-cultural posturing, and constant subtle bashing of white males. To be able to escape that for an hour or to, and hear (or call in and proclaim) views that one has to sometimes keep under wraps for fear of liberal crying/name calling – it appeals to many of us. Liberal radio doesn’t work for that reason – those views are already heard all day, every day, everywhere.

Mark (administrator)

Uh, Ray, well, because taxpayers fund it.

Get informed.

Ray Kroc

For those of you that say liberal talk radio does not work, how do you explain NPR?


It’s in part, taxpayer funded. As with any entity that is, it does not have to make a dime. It in fact can even loose money and still be operating. The “P” in NPR should have gave that away.


Along with the fact that NPR broadcasts a LOT of content that isn’t political at all. If they put out their liberal nonsense 24/7, like a liberal talk station, and the people who don’t want to hear it weren’t having their money TAKEN from their pockets to pay for it, NPR would go down like the rest.

Mark (administrator)

Looking at our stats program, we are able to see where visitors are coming from. And I see a few have come from this thread at the

These are some of the comments concerning lib radio failing:

“I’m not one of those who bemoans the lack of availability of the product, so much, on the broadcast bands for a variety of reasons (mostly to do with simple territory and timing–they got there first, and it’s basically a dying media anyway; also, liberals just aren’t as accustomed at this point as are conservatives to have braying asses on the radio telling them what to think.)

“by cutting her [Maddow] show down and moving it around–in fact, she was on 4 or 5 hours in the morning and they buried her for 3 hours at night. Most of us here KNEW she was “the golden child”. Who would ever imagine a “progressive” radio station dumping on an educated, brilliant, beautiful (IHTM note: WTF?), progressive woman who embodied everything we stand for.. Gotta wonder who was making THAT decision. This is long in a list of reasons that I quit listening to AAR.”

“I was worried about her because she often looks really tired. You can tell when she operates on little sleep because of the dark circles under her eyes.”

“[Rush Limbaugh] is the main reason we’re in this mess- 20 years of GOP-coordinated UNCONTESTED repetition from 1000 stations to an often captive audience the size of the one that voted for obama.

get sam seder or mike malloy back on — not lionel!”


Liberal New England barely has lib talk radio, that’s how good it’s doing. In Boston, Burlington VT, New Haven, Portland, and Providence, Air America was replaced by the likes of Spanish language music, “women’s talk”,
sports, and…conservative talk. Boston lost libtalk in Dec of ’06. Last Dec.
it returned–via two shows on a mostly sports station. They had to BUY the time. Now those shows suddenly disappeared (money ran out?). Again,
in BOSTON. Meanwhile conservative talk host Howie Carr on WRKO was
#1 in his time slot last ratings period (afternoon drive).


Oh, so tragic. I nearly cried when I read this article.

Cried with joy!!!

Listen up you who can’t stand whiny liberal hateful radio shows! Take the link to this article and go and post it to LIBERAL blogs and LIBERAL forums like the DU. Get some of those lefties over here and let’s have a “conversation”. I’d like to hear their views on why liberal talk shows die in liberal cities.

Come on guy (and girls), let’s go bring some over.