Maxine Waters named one of the most beautiful people in Washington, DC. Seriously. For real. Stop laughing.

by editor on July 31, 2009

Another sign of the Apocolypse: Maxine Waters named one of Washington, DC's most beautiful people

Another sign of the Apocolypse: Maxine Waters named one of Washington, DC's most beautiful people

Somebody must have spiked the water cooler at The Hill. How else can you explain the fact that they named California Congresswoman Maxine Waters one of the fifty most beautiful people in Washington, DC?

Stop laughing. This is serious. Here, we’ll quote them:

Rep. Maxine Waters

A high-heeled woman

Age: 70

Hometown: Los Angeles

Political party: Democratic

Relationship status: Married

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) has more than just a home state in common with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) The Southern Californian equals her northern counterpart in the ability to endure 12-hour congressional workdays in four-inch stiletto heels. One aspect of Waters’s signature look — along with her stylish glasses — is her impressively high footwear.

Her leg strength must come from years as a runner. But because of an injury, Waters has recently switched to swimming as her exercise of choice. Most of her cardio, though, surely comes from her first love in personal activities: antique shopping.

Waters collects antique perfume bottles, scales and radios. She also has an extensive collection of ethnic dolls from all over the world, and she loves shopping for old furniture and art.

“I love old things,” she says with a laugh.

She loves them so much that she’s running out of space to keep her collections.
“That’s a problem,” Waters says, explaining that her Washington condo and Los Angeles home are at capacity. She plans to start giving components of her collections as “special gift ts to special people,” including her two grandchildren.

Not surprisingly, the veteran lawmaker’s post-Congress plans include more shopping and collecting.

“I have this idea that, when I retire, I’ll travel, I’ll collect and I’ll sell,” she says. “I’ll have a little store.”

One key to Waters’s perpetually fresh look may be that she uses her time wisely. She says she has trained herself to relax and rest (and also read) on her coast-to-coast flights from her district to Washington. But there is one other trick Waters uses to always look her best.

“I bathe in moisturizer,” she says.

We apologize if this is considered harsh, but there ain’t enough moisturizer east of the Mississippi to make Maxine Waters beautiful.

Since President Obama has officially ushered in the Era of Apologies, we think The Hill owes one to its readers. A really big one.

The truth ain’t pretty.


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christ. my eyes are melting.

Robbins Mitchell

If my dog was that ugly,I’d shave his ass and teach him to walk backwards




Anyone notice that of the top 10, 8 were declared Dems, 1 was a Rep (but works for Susan Collins, so how conservative is she really), and one was Non-Partisan. Seriously, “Woody Harrelson”? And the Non-Par, she’s a CNN reporter, so how Non-Par is she.


Yeah, it’s nice that Maxine can get exercise going antiques shopping and relax on her long flights to and from California – while millions of Americans are out of work. I’m sure the moisturizer she bathes in is only the most expensive kind. It must be nice to have two homes and vote yourself raises every so often and have a nice, comfortable nest egg to leave your grandchildren.

IMO, Maxine Waters’ looks – as well as all Democrats – are fair game. It’s not a worthless pursuit if it makes you laugh, is it? We can make fun of the way they look AND blow them away on what counts – conservatives are talented that way.

Besides, they blasted Bush comparing him to chimps and other things for eight years. They jealously bash Sarah Palin and other beautiful conservative women for their looks – and then vote that socialist hag as one of the “beautiful people” in Washington? All I can say is Washington is one uuuuuuuuuuuugly place, if that’s one of their best.

Please, people – let’s beautify Washington and vote out the uglies!


Criticize Maxine Waters all you want for her politics—pound the hell out of her for her socialist/communist/marxist political beliefs—but it is utterly stupid and worthless to criticize how someone looks. Save your ammo for what really counts.


Never would have done it if The Hill hadn’t made this obvious political tilt in naming her #5 in the list, or anywhere in the list–who did not laugh as they scrolled down the page and hot #5? It’s the same thing with Michelle Obama in the 100 Most Beautiful People in the World. Come on! She is not beautiful, inside or out. Political choice again. We mock the media. The Hill and People Magazine deserve to be mocked for these picks.


The chick is fugly and since she made it on a list saying the opposite I see no reason why people can’t comment on it. We already know her politics suck.


Maxine Waters speaking is water boarding for the ears.


For 70 years old, she looks pretty good. I thought she was late 50s or early 60s. I didn’t realize she was that old.


You can tell how old she is when she speaks. Maybe it’s dementia, maybe it’s the mental disorder of socialism, or maybe plain stupidity. I don’t know. But take a listen:


woody harrelson made 3rd? and number 6 has a weird face.


well, i ‘supose if you compare her to other democratic women like Janet Napolitano, Pelosi, and Hillary she ain’t so bad — at least she hasn’t had her face lifted up above her frontal lobes like some speaker of the house….

there are hookers who look worse and make more… or maybe not.


I Googled this and she’s actually No. 5 on the list! ‘Scuse me.. gotta go sell some BUICKS!


Her cardio comes from antique shopping?