9/11 – Never Forget. Democrat/Clinton political campaign donors and supporters. It’s also the anniversary of the Benghazi attack.

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Not so silent

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This was a tragic day. I was still pretty much new to the country and to be honest, I was thinking about going back, but this is a great country and we survive this and we will survive anything.We just need to move forward and kill as many terrorists as we can.


It is time for the those who proclaim that for some reason that islam is a religion of peace. It is far from it. Pay attention you pacifist fools. The followers of the child molester are about enslaving, killing or converting, nothing more, nothing less. Until all the PC bull shit artist realize that, we are all in danger. Watch the History Channels documentary to Sept 11th. It is laid out in great detail and length how the whole nightmare came to be.

As for those who are no longer with us because of the goat lovers, child molester followers. Rest in peace, you are not forgotten.


Their message: Peese on you!

Racer X

Religion of peace my ass. Ideology of submission.

Dave K

I worked second shift and was awakened by a phone call telling me to put on the news right before the second plane hit. I remember those poor people jumping out of the windows to escape even though they had no chance of surviving the fall. I was so angry that I cried before the crying was realizing just how many people were going to die.

It pisses me off to this day. I tried to watch a documentary about that day but barely got through it without destroying something because it makes me angry every time I see it. I lived in Indiana at the time, a few years removed from living in NJ and I remember seeing them on trips to NYC. Shoot, I remember when they were being built.