Roseanne attacks Israel, makes claims even Hamas couldn’t make with a straight face

by editor on March 6, 2009

Photo: Rosanne's World

Photo: Rosanne's World

Just as we were starting to think we’d never find anyone crazier than Hamas, along comes Roseanne Barr. The former star and current lunatic claims Israel is firing those rockets at itself.

This comes direct from her website, Roseanne World.

ohlmert you lie:

you say that twelve rockets were fired into israel since the end of the “war” (ethnic cleansing). Not one Israeli was hurt or killed by these rockets, and now you say you are going to go back and kill more palestinians to teach them a lesson!!!

“I think rockets are being fired by your own sources, since less than ten israelis have been killed by them. You are bullshitting the world as you pocket money made from arms sales, along with bibi and your agents in Hamas. step down all men in power!

Please note that all incorrect punctuation and lack of capitalization comes courtesy of the lovely and gracious Miss Barr.

Our thanks to the good folks at Gateway Pundit for this absolutely bizarre story.

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