George W. Bush

Laura Bush appeared on Mike Huckabee’s program and laughed at Obama’s reflex action to say everything is “Bush’s fault.”

It’s become such a joke around the Bush house, she said, that she now jokes that every little problem around the house is “Bush’s fault.”

Garbage disposal plugged? Bush’s fault.

Front door left unlocked? Bush’s fault.

Iran gets nuclear weapons and threatens to destroy Israel and the Great Satan? Bush’s fault.

How long has it been since George and Laura Bush left the White House? Seems like ten or twenty years, doesn’t it?

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John, Jerk, George and Ringo

by editor on June 7, 2010

At a recent event at the White House, everybody’s second favorite former Beatle took the opportunity to unload on America’s most recent former President.

According to Sir Paul McCartney, “After the last eight years, it’s great to have a president who knows what a library is.”

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Just about the same time that oil from the Gusher in the Gulf began washing ashore on the pristine white sands of Pensacola, Florida, President Obama hosted a Paul McCartney concert at the White House on Wednesday night.

Do not mistake this for resting because, you know, the President assured us that he wouldn’t rest until that damn hole is plugged. In the President’s defense, listening to the pompous 70-year old former Beatle sing for two hours has definitely become more work than pleasure so we do not believe it qualifies as “rest” on Obama’s part. put together this great video compilation of the Obama ripping President Bush a new one for his administration’s “unconscionable ineptitude” in New Orleans following Katrina.

You know, sort of like the “unconscionable ineptitude” his administration is now showing in the Gulf.

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Flak started to fly when President Obama decided to go on vacation in Chicago instead of staying in Washington, DC to attend Memorial Day services at Arlington National Cemetery. So ABC News did what any self-respecting liberal mouthpiece would do – they distorted the facts about President Bush to present President Obama in a more favorable light.

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In George W. Bush’s 2002 West Point commencement address, he said:

West Point is guided by tradition, and in honor of the “Golden Children of the Corps”, I will observe one of the traditions you cherish most. As the Commander-in-Chief, I hereby grant amnesty to all cadets who are on restriction for minor conduct offenses. (Applause.) Those of you in the end zone might have cheered a little early. (Laughter.)

Because, you see, I’m going to let General Lennox define exactly what “minor” means. (Laughter.)

As you can see in the video above, Obama told the same joke during his West Point commencement address last weekend.

Bush tells joke, cadets roar. Obama tells same joke, cadets respond with, shall we say, restraint. We blame Dick Cheney.

Source: American Thinker

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Congressman Peter King (R-New Yorkistan) always speaks his mind. Sometimes we like it, sometimes we don’t. This time, he’s spot on.

“You had countries and you had [terrorist] organizations who are absolutely terrified of what George Bush might do to them …. Now I think many of them feel that the President may apologize to them or he may reach out the hand of friendship.”

We’re pretty sure that apologies aren’t enough anymore. Now they want him to bow, too.

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Oh, hold on a sec. It’s not Bush, it’s Obama. And he didn’t call for whites to stand together, he said, “It will be up to each of you to make sure that young people, African Americans, Latinos and women who powered our victory in 2008 stand together once again…”

Our mistake.

But can you imagine the howls of mock liberal indignation and phony cries of “raaaaaacism” if Bush had said anything remotely similar to what Obama said?

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The libs are horrified – horrified, we tell you – that Rush Limbaugh referred to the Obama regime.

Beck points out that a simple Lexis-Nexis search shows that the words “Bush regime” were used 6,500 times while W was president.

Obviously, the r-word is now just like the n-word. It’s ok for libs to use it, but verboten for conservatives.

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November, 2012. Let's all sing "Happy Trails" to Barack Obama.

Democrats used “cowboy” as the ultimate insult to George Bush. Now – gasp – Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has used the same word to insult Barack Obama.

The Associated Press has this news round-up:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad derided Obama on Wednesday, depicting him as an ineffective leader influenced by Israel to target Iran more aggressively.

“American materialist politicians, whenever they are beaten by logic, immediately resort to their weapons like cowboys,” Ahmadinejad said in a speech before a crowd of several thousand in northwestern Iran.

“Mr. Obama, you are a newcomer (to politics). Wait until your sweat dries and get some experience. Be careful not to read just any paper put in front of you or repeat any statement recommended,” Ahmadinejad said in the speech, aired live on state TV.

Something may have been lost in the translation, but we think Ahmadinejad is saying, “Stop watching MSNBC, Buckeroo. Give Fox a try.”

Source: Associated Press

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American military cemetaryOh, yeah. We hate the media. And this story reminds us why.

A couple years ago, when George Bush was president the media went to court to fight for the right to photograph the coffins of America’s returning war dead. Now that Barack Obama is President, they couldn’t care less. reports the story:

One year after the ban on photographing war dead returning to the U.S. was lifted, it is rare to see those images in the mainstream media….

Over the past year, 472 of these transfers have occurred at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, where every casualty is handled by the Air Force Mortuary Affairs Center to prepare the body’s return to families.

Of those 472, about 260–or 55 percent–have been open to media coverage, according to statistics from the Mortuary Affairs office. And over the past year, the media attendance has dropped off to a trickle.

“Those numbers reflect that the interest in covering the story diminishes as the story becomes repetitive,” said Ralph Begleiter, a former network correspondent and now professor of communications at the University of Delaware.

Translation: “We never gave a damn about America’s war dead in the first place. And now that Bush is gone, we don’t have to pretend we do.”


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Reader Alert: Please have someone standing by with smelling salts in case you don’t make it through the next pararaph without passing out. OK, ready?

Uber liberal news magazine 60 Minutes has produced a segment that praises President George W. Bush.

Seriously. No kidding. For real.

60 Minutes actually credits George Bush with saving millions of lives in Africa thanks to his AIDS efforts. Here’s how the segment is introduced and you can view the entire segment above.

Simon: As President, George W. Bush did something momentous that few of you may know about, something so momentous that it is saving millions of lives and generating goodwill for America around the world. Millions of Africans who`d been dying of AIDS are now living with AIDS, thanks to the Bush program. The U.S. is providing pills to more than two million people with HIV/AIDS, people who could never afford them and who were condemned to die. The medicine not only saves their lives, it permits them to live full lives. We went to Uganda, where AIDS has ravaged the country, killing more than a million people. And where Doctor Peter Mugyenyi, a pioneer against AIDS, told us how grateful he is to Americans for saving his fellow Ugandans.

Mugyenyi: We thank sincerely the American people. They are the people who are saving lives. They are the people who can be proud that lives are being saved on this continent.

Of course, it’s well known that Bush developed his affinity for the Dark Continent while hiding out there to avoid serving in the National Guard.


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Kitty Kelley

The media protect their own by refusing to interview Oprah biographer Kitty Kelley

And considering Oprah’s current girth, a very wide circle it is.

Larry King, Charlie Rose, David Letterman and Barbara Walters all turned thumbs down on interviews with celebrity biographer Kitty Kelly, whose unauthorized bio of Oprah will soon be released.

Odd, one might have to conclude, considering the gleeful receptions Kelley received from those same hosts when she penned a scandalous bio of George Bush a few years ago.

Margo Howard reports the hypocritical headlines:

“… most of the kingpin interviewers in the mainstream media were astonishingly up front about saying they would not help Kitty Kelley promote her book because they didn’t want to offend Oprah! They didn’t even make up excuses; they flat-out said they didn’t want to offend Oprah. It was surprising, to say the least, that interviewers such as Larry King, Charlie Rose, David Letterman and Barbara Walters all shut her out. Walter’s turn-down was especially interesting in that she said she wouldn’t even have Kelley on “The View.” I mean, that’s a show with four or five babes nattering on, where no guest is on for more than maybe seven minutes. Walters told Random House publicity she didn’t want to “upset” Oprah. Letterman said he didn’t want to “disrupt” his détente with Oprah. And ABC, whose name might as well now stand for “All ‘Bout Cowards,” made an across-the-board decision that Kelley’s book would be boycotted by all ABC shows. Even second-tier people like Joy Behar followed suit. And Rachael Ray! A cooking show, no less.

Much to our surprise, Kelley has booked an appearance in one unexpected place.

… To their credit, the top show for people flogging books, “The Today Show,” will be Kitty’s first publicity stop when the book is released. Bill O’Reilly will be the second. I find all this really interesting. What is it, I wonder, that has major television people so afraid of Oprah? It is a question whose answer I look forward to finding in Kelley’s book. I will get back to you when I’ve read it.

To his credit, Matt Lauer actually gave Kelley a pretty good grilling when she appeared on the Today Show to hype her bio of George Bush.

Our advice? Don’t bother with Lauer and the Today Show. Wait until Kelley appears on Fox.


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Anyone who doesn’t believe in liberal media bias just needs to read the following descriptions of opening day pitches from President Obama two days ago and George Bush two years ago. Both come from the Associated Press.

First, the pitch by The Greatest President In History:

In front of thousands of fans, President Barack Obama strolled to the pitcher’s mound and tossed a baseball to Washington Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman, officially launching the team’s baseball season.The setting – freshly cut grass, a brilliant sun and clear skies – was a picture-postcard quality introduction to a new Major League Baseball season. And the lanky Obama, appearing in khakis and a Washington Nationals warmup jacket, was the star attraction for a moment.

Next, the first pitch from the evil George Bush:

President Bush had enough to worry about–like not flubbing the first pitch in front of a crowd that might not exactly be his biggest fans anyway.
So before the game, when a couple of Atlanta Braves gave him a team jersey and suggested he wear it to throw out the first pitch at Nationals Park, Bush laughed. Uh, no thanks, guys. Might as well put on a sign that says “Boo me.”

Shoddy reporting, Associated Press. You left out the fact that Bush intentionally kicked a kitten and punched an old lady in the face on the way back to the dugout.

H/T: Wall Street Journal Best of the Web Today

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Nobody writes half a story as well as the Huffington Post. In its latest Republican bash-a-rama, HuffPo criticizes conservatives for raging at Obama’s recession appointments despite the fact that they loved recession appointments when Bush did them.

Of course, HuffPo admits that “There is a key difference, however, between 2005 and 2010: the amount of Senate obstruction.” Well, that could be it, we suppose, but it also might have something to do with the type of people Obama has nominated.

Craig Becker, for example. If you missed the highlights of Mr. Becker’s stellar career, try watching this video again. This guy may well be the most liberal radical appointment Obama has made in a long line of most liberal radical appointments.

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There’s a billboard just outside the contradictorily-named town of Wyoming, Minnesota. It features a photo of a laughing George W. Bush and a headline that says, “Miss me yet?”

But who paid to have the billboard posted? That’s the question being asked in the Land of 10,000 Lakes today.

Source: NPR

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You just know you’re in for some big laughs when a Media Matters article starts out like this:

“Not content with its lapdog coverage of President Bush over the past decade, the Beltway press has adopted a new, super-soft way to deal with Bush’s former vice president, Dick Cheney, as well as GOP media star Sarah Palin. Journalists have set aside what had been decades’ worth of guidelines and embraced special new rules for how Cheney and Palin get treated.”

It seems that the author Eric Boehlert is upset that Sarah Palin “Hasn’t allowed herself to be interviewed by a single independent political journalist since she launched her book in November. Instead, she mostly communicates with the mainstream media via Facebook. And now that she’s signed on to join the Fox News staff, the chances of Palin ever speaking with the serious press seem to be less than zero. That lack of openness stacks the deck and leads to dreadful bouts of stenography; of literally recording what controversial Republicans say, and nothing more.”

Yes, of course, the media has treated Palin so kindly that she ought to sign up for all kinds of interviews because we’re sure you are really interested in openness.

Dick Cheney also get’s nothing but love from the media and a super-soft treatment? Well that explains the 5,000 times that the MSM replayed Alan Grayson’s distasteful remarks about “blood dripping from Dick Cheney’s teeth” doesn’t it?

The Media Matters article ends with the bizarre claim that “The press has never cared what a former VP had to say about current events… or what a failed VP candidate had to say just months after losing.” And “Traditionally, pundits and reporters disdain political losers … But for Cheney and Palin, the rules have been generously reworked.”

Hmmmm, let’s see here. Isn’t Al Gore a former Vice President and a political loser? We would have sworn that pundits and reporters pay an inordinate amount of attention to his global warming weather crap.

But we must be wrong. Because Media Matters says so.

So there.

Source: Media Matters

– Written by Patrick Michael

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Rumor has it that Danny Glover has replaced Barack Obama with an unidentified, hot-blooded Latino hunk

It’s not surprising, really. It was one of those typical May-December Hollywood romances. Barack was young and eager to please. Danny was older and jaded.

Big Hollywood reports the sordid details:

“I think the Obama administration has followed the same playbook, to a large extent, almost verbatim, as the Bush administration. I don’t see anything different,” the activist movie actor said of Obama’s policies in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Middle East. “On the domestic side, look here: What’s so clear is that this country from the outset is projecting the interests of wealth and property. Look at the bailout of Wall Street. Why not the bailout of Main Street?”

“He may be just a different face, and that face may happen to be black—and if it were Hillary Clinton, it would happen to be a woman,” says Danny Glover. “But what choices do they have within the structure?”

Think of it as Washington, DC’s answer to Hollywood’s casting couch, President Obama. You looked good in the auditions, but couldn’t deliver once the director hollered, “Action.”

That’s life in Hollywood.

Source: Big Hollywood

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Words you never thought you'd hear: "So, George, can you give me some advice on winning over that Hollywood crowd?"

Words you never thought you'd hear: "So, George, can you give me some advice on winning over that Hollywood crowd?"

Comeuppance. Yeah, that’s the word we’ve been trying to think of.

CEOs and Hollywood stars got their comeuppance last weekend at the annual Kennedy Center Honors. Much to their chagrin, they discovered that George Bush was much warmer and more hospitable than Barack Obama.

Here’s how Variety, show so-called show biz bible, explains the comeuppance:

The show itself honoring Bruce Springsteen, Robert De Niro and Mel Brooks, among others, was a resounding hit, but the White House seemed to be still traumatized by the incursions of the social-climbing, state dinner-crashing Salahis.

While President Bush in past years shook every celebrity hand and posed for photos with visitors at the White House reception, the Obamas remained aloof, fleeing to their box at the Kennedy Center.

Stunned by recent security breaches, the White House kept guests shivering outside in 30-degree weather, opening the reception 10 minutes late and shuttling guests through 25 minutes of repeated screenings and pat-downs, all of which took place outside.

Several stars grumbled; one suggested to a social secretary that the Obama staff study the Academy Awards for lessons in celebrity management.

The story reaches a sad Hollywood dénouement:

White House staffers maintained a stony distance during this weekend’s events. Rahm Emanuel, the chief of staff, sat with his wife for 20 minutes before Obama’s brief presentation Sunday, and hardly anyone approached him with a greeting, nor did he circulate.

“I never thought I’d miss the Bushes,” said one prominent Hollywood actor, “but this place seemed a lot warmer when they were here.”

It was probably just global warming, but don’t you worry, Hollywood. Barack Obama is over there in Hopenchangen fixing that little problem, too.

Source: Variety

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A shoe for a heel

by editor on December 8, 2009

The chucking of the honor shoe. Next to the honor killing, it’s the most ancient of Islamic traditions.

Iraqi journalist Muntadar al-Zaidi, who threw a shoe at President George W. Bush, gets a taste of his own sandal after a man who felt dishonored by the journalist’s actions against Bush pelted al-Zadir with a shoe during a press conference.

Let’s just thank Allah that there isn’t an underwear-flinging custom in the Middle East.

Source: Daily Mail UK

– Written by Sven Waring

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In this case, the term "faulty intelligence" does not refer to Joe Biden.

In this case, the term "faulty intelligence" does not refer to Joe Biden.

Oh, you’re going to love Valerie Jarrett’s excuse for Obama’s Olympic failure:

“‘The intelligence that we had from the U.S. Olympic Committee and Chicago bid team was that it was very close and therefore well worth our efforts,’ said Valerie Jarrett, a senior White House advisor. ‘The message was that … a personal appeal from the president would make a huge difference.’”

Did she just say they had faulty intelligence? Isn’t that what got us into Iraq?

“Obama lied, Chicago died.” Somebody get the bumper stickers ready.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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This is what’s known as a motivational poster

by editor on September 28, 2009


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michael_moore1The Rotund One was promoting his vile new so-called documentary, “Capitalism: A Love Story,” at the Venice Film Festival.

“Moore admitted that he felt vindicated that George Bush had finally gone. ‘The American people are now thinking more like me,’ he said.”

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, Michael, but the American people didn’t oust George Bush. The 22nd Amendment did.

Source: The Guardian UK

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Bush-is-a-war-criminalThere’s a great website called that specializes in running corrections and retractions from newspapers around the world.

Some of them are unintentionally hilarious, like this obituary from the People’s Republic of Santa Cruz Sentinel:

The final sentence of an obituary about Bernie Feldman on Page B3 on Thursday should have read: If people would like to honor his memory, they can sign a petition to send George Bush and Dick Cheney to jail, his son said.

Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, “Bush lied and people died.”

Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel via

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Howard Dean was last seen racing frantically from cable news network to cable news network on Sunday, defending former Green Jobs Czar Van Jones.

“I think he was brought down,” Dean told Fox News Sunday, saying he just spoke to Jones. “I think it’s a loss for the country.” Dean pointed to Jones’ “credentials as a Yale Law School graduate and best-selling author.”

Dean’s statement, coupled with the fact that it is a holiday weekend and we were bored, sent us scurrying for evidence that Yale graduates exist on a higher plane than we lesser beings and deserve greater respect and deference than mere mortals. Although we could find no scientific research to verify Dean’s assertion, we feel obligated to submit to the superior intellect of the former head of the Democratic National Committee.

Dean’s implied apology and the their elevation to near god-like status will undoubtedly be gratefully accepted by Yale graduates George Bush, George W. Bush, John Ashcroft, and the left’s poster boy of ultimate evil, Dick Cheney.

“Hey, wait just a darn minute,” Dean reportedly thought to himself, “I don’t think that’s quite what I meant to say.”

Source: Fox News

– Written by Patrick Michael

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