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Let’s just say that Glenn Beck doesn’t have a lot of respect for Keith Olbermann. And based on their respective ratings, he shouldn’t.

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The libs are horrified – horrified, we tell you – that Rush Limbaugh referred to the Obama regime.

Beck points out that a simple Lexis-Nexis search shows that the words “Bush regime” were used 6,500 times while W was president.

Obviously, the r-word is now just like the n-word. It’s ok for libs to use it, but verboten for conservatives.

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It must have been difficult for President Obama to hear Harry Smith’s question when it was asked because of the fact that newsman’s lips were firmly planted on the President’s ass, causing the words to be a bit muffled.

So just in case you have trouble hearing the question and answer, he’s a quick summary:

Smith: Listening to talk radio… The kindest of terms, you are sometimes referred to out in America as a socialist. The worst of which I heard you called a Nazi.
Obama: Well I think that when you listen to Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck it’s pretty apparent. It’s troublesome.

Indeed, we can imagine that it does seem a bit troublesome when freedom of speech keeps getting in the way of your socialist utopia.

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Fox makes news, MSNBC reports it

by editor on March 14, 2010

Such is the dwindling stature of MSNBC that they’ve taken to reporting events that occur on Fox.

For example, MSNBC’s Morning Joe show devoted an entire segment to Glenn Beck’s interview with disgraced Democrat Congressman Eric Massa. And it was surprisingly even-handed.

“Let me tell you something,” said Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough. “[Beck] was not on his heels. He just, he played straight man and Donny Deutsch, he was, he did it very, very well.

Deutsch agreed saying, “Beck actually helped his brand a lot because he went from the crazy idiot to kind of a good interviewer. You know what I mean? And you know, you couldn’t help but not enjoy Glenn Beck yesterday, speaking from the extreme left.”

First of all, Deutsch doesn’t have to tell us he speaks from the extreme left because he’s a regular guest on MSNBC, so that’s just understood.

Second, nobody knows brands better than former ad genius Deutsch. So when he says Beck helped his brand, you know it’s true.

And third, well, we don’t really have a third point, but we needed to fill a little more space at the bottom of this story.


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We do not believe the rumor that Larry King is about to star as Bernie in a remake of "Weekend at Bernie's"

Those poor devils at CNN must wonder why they’re frowned on by the gods of media. has the details of the original news network’s latest humiliation:

Glenn Beck may not have thought much of his interview with former Rep. Eric Massa yesterday — he apologized to his viewers saying, “I think this is the first time I have wasted an hour of your time.”
But the interview, which was Massa’s first national TV interview since his resignation from office Monday, was a ratings hit for Beck. The hour drew 3.41M Total Viewers at 5pmET, and 860,000 in the A25-54 demo. That’s just shy of network-leading Bill O’Reilly who pulled 3.5M at 8pmET (925K in the demo.)

But Massa did not have the same pull for CNN. His second interview, with Larry King at 9pmET, drew just 669K Total Viewers (169K in the demo) — fourth place for the hour among the cable news nets after Sean Hannity on FNC, Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, and Joy Behar on HLN.

Good lord. You interview the guy who is arguably the biggest headline maker of the day and you finish behind Rachel Maddow and Joy Behar? Depressing.

King’s response?

“Is it Tuesday yet? I like Tuesdays because that’s shuffleboard night here at the home.”


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A few weeks ago Glenn Beck said that Obama was slaughtering the American people and the left went crazy. Olbermann immediately began frothing at the mouth and Zsa Zsa Huffington quickly followed suit.

Now we have a beautiful opportunity to see the left’s hypocrisy in action.

Low-rated radio talk show host Ed Schultz and socialist Senator Bernie Sanders were discussing healthcare insurance when Schultz said:

“You can’t have it both ways and hold credibility with the people who are getting gouged. How can Evan Bayh sit there as an honest player for health care reform when his wife works for an industry that is just absolutely butchering the American people, raising rates 100 percent on some people, and Anthem Blue Cross is a subsidiary of WellPoint.”

Conservative says Obama is slaughtering the American people and the libs go crazy.

Yet somehow we doubt that Zsa Zsa will show up on ABC’s This Week to condemn Ed Schultz.


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No wonder Glenn Beck’s ratings are so damn good. Here’s a clip from his radio show where he ad libs about Chris Matthews stupid “I forgot Obama was black” comment for nine hilarious minutes.

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Damn, Glenn Beck is a funny man. Here he eviscerates Arianna Huffington – figuratively speaking, of course – for her latest over-the-top kvetching.

As an amusing aside, notice that Beck refuses to even mention the name of the number three cable news network in this monologue. And if Beck won’t mention those five letters on his TV show, it’s only fair that we don’t mention them, either.

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glenn-beck That horrible gnashing of teeth you hear is Chris Matthews. The pathetic whimpering is Keith Olbermann. That plaintive wailing is Rachel Maddow. All because Fox News will finish 2009 as the number one cable news network thanks to the highest ratings in the network’s history.

Broadcasting & Cable reports the rosy details:

Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly provided Fox News' one-two punch in 2009

Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly provided Fox News' one-two punch in 2009

FNC topped the competition in all dayparts: morning (1 million Total Viewers, 340,000 viewers in news’ target demographic of 25-54-year-olds); total day (1.2 million viewers, 323,000 in the demo); primetime (2.2 million viewers, 551,000 in the demo). Those numbers mark year-to-year demo gains of 14% in the morning, 16% in total day and 10% in primetime (Mon-Sun), according to Nielsen.

FNC saw double-digit gains for all of its programs. Year-to-year, Glenn Beck is up 96% among total viewers (2.3 million) and 148% in the demo (612,000). Special Report with Bret Baier posted gains of 25% among total viewers (2 million) and 33% in the demo (454,000). The O’Reilly Factor is up 13% among total viewers (3.3 million) and 27% (801,000) in the demo, marking its tenth consecutive year as the No. 1 cable news program.

As Media Bistro points out, two Fox News success stories stand out:

Glenn Beck is up 96% in total viewers (averaging 2.3 million). He’s also up 148% in the A24-54 demo, averaging 612,000 viewers.

Bill O’Reilly, who now makes it 10 years as the top cable news program, was up 13% in Total Viewers with 3.3 million tuning in and 27% in the demo (801,000). In 2009, O’Reilly often outdrew programs on broadcast networks — just this week, “The Factor” had a larger audience than ABC’s “Better Off Ted” (“Ted” drew 3.183 million viewers, while O’Reilly drew 3.299 million at 8pmET.)

Amusingly, CNN and MSNBC are also touting their 2009 ratings. But that discussion is like the captain of the Titanic arguing with the captain of the Lusitania about which ship is sinking faster.

Source:, Broadcasting & Cable

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Glenn Beck turns the tables on Nancy Pelosi and contrasts the violence of leftists in Copenhagen to the “rhetoric” of the Tea Partiers that was once of such great concern to the Speaker.

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The left likes to laugh at Glenn Beck’s histrionics, but the guy has a knack for simplifying the incredibly complex.

In this clip, he explains all the collusion and all the conspiracy revealed in the emails that were “liberated” from the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University.

Just a guess, but we doubt that Al Gore’s laughing right now.

Source: The Big Feed

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What could possibly bring these two diametrically opposed forces together? Three words: Al Gore, hypocrite.

Source: PlanetGore

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If you’re expecting us to ream Jon Stewart for his impersonation of conservative hero Glenn Beck, you’ll be disappointed. LOL, ROFL, ROFLMAO, yes, we did it all watching his hilarious segment. The fact is, it was a great impersonation, and great comedy.

We’re sorry to disappoint liberals who expect us to storm his studio in protest, but you’ll find conservatives have something you lost long ago, if you indeed ever had it: a sense of humor.

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Joy Behar and her panel of so-called celebrities rip Glenn Beck a new one for daring to compare anything to the holocaust.

Behar was thinking, “Who does Beck think he is, Alan Grayson?”

Bonadune was thinking, “I wonder what Beck would look like in a dress.”

– Written by Patrick Michael

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Glenn Beck absolutely nails the Obamaniacs over at MSNBC. Sure, he’s histrionic, but he’s also hilarious. And the final score, Glenn Beck 3, MSNBC 0.

Source: Bluegrass Pundit

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Consider this a perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black Larry King being an idiot during an interview with Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

King: Would you want the Limbaugh, that crowd — would you want them to be your voice as the Republican Party stands in this country?

Bachmann: Well remember it’s who the American people are referring to Larry. And the American people are looking to voices like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck –

King: I just told you — it’s 2 percent of America. It’s 2 percent!

Senility is a terrible thing. Larry still thinks people watch his show.


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Actress, singer and political wacko Bette Midler calls Glenn Beck “terrifying” and says “he’s like an old school demagogue.”

Why, the next thing that’ll happen, according to Midler is that Beck’s hate speech will set off the kind of civil unrest they had in Rwanda. Because radio hosts caused that, you know. Evil, conservative radio hosts. Probably raaaaaaacists.

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CNN must be kicking themselves for letting Glenn Beck get away.

CNN must be kicking themselves for letting Glenn Beck get away.

The third quarter isn’t quite over on the calendar, but it’s over in the world of ratings. Fox has a lot to celebrate, but everyone else is wondering what the hell hit them. Here are a dozen things that may surprise you about the latest cable news ratings.

1. A perfect ten. All ten of the top ten shows are on Fox News, powered by the O’Reilly-Hannity-Beck troika.

2. Beck kicks butt. Glenn Beck increased the ratings for his time slot a remarkable 136% over the third quarter of 2008.

3. Lucky 13. During September, Fox had the top thirteen programs in cable news.

4. Dominance. The O’Reilly Factor has now been the top-rated cable news show for an unprecedented 106 consecutive months.

5. Better and better. Fox News is the only cable news network to post across the board year-over-year increases.

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Is Time Magazine bad for America?

by editor on September 21, 2009


What possessed Time magazine to publish a cover story titled “Mad Man: Is Glenn Beck bad for America?”

The magazine, it seems, had a bit of trouble reconciling the Glenn Beck of 2008 with the Glenn Beck of 2009. Although his listeners and viewers probably don’t.

Last year, shortly after the election, Beck spoke with TIME’s Kate Pickert, and he didn’t sound very scared back then. Of Obama’s early personnel decisions, he said, “I think so far he’s chosen wisely.” Of his feelings about the President: “I am not an Obama fan, but I am a fan of our country … He is my President, and we must have him succeed. If he fails, we all fail.” Of the Democratic Party: “I don’t know personally a single Democrat who is a dope-smoking hippie that wants to turn us into Soviet Russia.” Of the civic duty to trust: “We’ve got to pull together, because we are facing dark, dark times. I don’t trust a single weasel in Washington. I don’t care what party they’re from. But unless we trust each other, we’re not going to make it.”

What’s the mystery, Time? It sounds a lot like what he says on his show today.

In fact, when a lot of people were extremely unhappy with Obama’s victory and were preaching hatred, Glenn Beck was a class act, urging restraint. Just one of those annoying “fact” thingies that Time couldn’t quite squeeze into its four-page article.

It should be noted that Time ran a close race with Newsweek in the last year to determine which publication could kiss the Barack Obama’s ass more thoroughly. Time squeaked out a narrow win by pasting the President’s mug on it’s cover 14 times compared to Newsweek’s even dozen.

Rumor has it that the magazine considered changing its name to The “O” but that was taken. The One just sounded a bit pretentious even for a publication that’s really pretentious. And “Full of Crap” though honest, just wouldn’t sell.
Looks like they’re stuck with Time.

Source: Time

– Written by Patrick Michael

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How many were really at the D.C. protest rally?

by editor on September 14, 2009

912 rally washington dc

An awful lot of people showed up at the National Mall Tea Party on September 12 to protest government spending in general and ObamaCare in particular.

So how many showed up, you ask? It depends on whom you believe.

MSNBC reported, “thousands have turned out, some have said tens of thousands.” The Washington Post estimated “tens of thousands.” ABC figured between 60–70,000 protestors. The New York Times initially described it as a “sea” of people before stating, “The demonstrators numbered well into the tens of thousands, though the police declined to estimate the size of the crowd.” According to, there were “as many as two million protestors.” CBS, CNN and FOX all reported on the Tea Party but declined to provide estimates.

To get an objective perspective, it helps to go overseas. According to the UK’s Daily Mail — complete with eye-opening photos — the crowd numbered “as many as one million people.”

On the same day as the D.C. Tea Party, the president appeared in Minnesota to continue pushing his idea of health care “reform”. How many came to see Dr. O? According to the NY Times, 15,000 “cheering Obama supporters” showed up. On the day before the protest, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs claimed he had no idea the D.C. rally was even planned.

On Sunday, White House senior adviser David Axelrod said of the protests, “I don’t think it’s indicative of the nation’s mood. You know, I don’t think we ought to be distracted by that. My message to them is, they’re wrong.”

Out of touch much?

Source: Daily Mail UK

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Pity CNN reporter Lisa DesJardins.

She drew the unenviable task of representing the left wing cable news network at Saturday’s massive right wing gathering in Washington, DC. The crowd let her know exactly what they think of her network’s “creative” reporting.

The highlight is when the crowd taunts CNN by repeatedly chanting the name “Glenn Beck” in honor of the former CNN host who has now become a huge ratings success at rival Fox News.

They also chanted “Tell the truth” and “No more lies,” much to the dismay of the frustrated DesJardins.

It’s beautiful to watch.

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Glenn Beck 3, Barack Obama 0

by editor on September 13, 2009

glenn-beck It’s been a good week for Glenn Beck. A very good week.

First Van Jones “resigned” as Green Jobs Czar. Then Yosi Sergant was “reassigned” at the National Endowment for the Arts when down. Now the Census Bureau has fired ACORN.

Take the rest of the weekend off, Glenn.

After that 9/12 event, that is.

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MSNBC opted to expose the ShamWow scandal instead of covering the ACORN scandal

MSNBC opted to expose the ShamWow scandal instead of covering the ACORN scandal

Anyone watching the video of the ACORN employees helping a pimp with underage prostitutes immediately recognized it as a huge story. Fox gave it all the attention it deserved, but other networks concentrated on more important stories.

MSNBC, for example, ran an investigative report entitled “ShamWow or sham? Rating infomercial goods.” Even the Snuggie was not safe from the razor’s edge reporting MSNBC is known for. It’s story began by saying, “You know how we’ve all been mesmerized by the flashy demos and the fast-talking pitchmen promising that their gadgets will change your life ‘but only if you act right now!’” (Hey, isnt that the same pitch President Obama used for the Stimulus Package, Cap-and-Trade, and healthcare?)

CNN broke story of a different sort. Since this is a family-oriented website, we’re just going to post the headline and link to “Women face trial for staged motel tryst ending with glued penis.” But we have to admit it does sound far more scandalous than a phony hooker and pimp. Not to mention more painful.

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“Why is he saying those terrible things?” is the easy part. Left wing lunatics just don’t like you, Glenn. The tougher question is, “Who the hell is Beau Friedlander?”

Turns out Beau (apparently his real name) is the editor-in-chief of Air America. We were shocked when he wrote an article in the Huffington Post demanding that Fox News fire Glenn Beck.

Don’t get us wrong. We weren’t shocked that he wrote the article. No. We were shocked to find out that Air America is still in operation.

It seems that Beau was hired by Air America to bring their internet-based reporting up to the level of a really bad Jerry Springer episode. Beau, to his credit is trying, first demanding that everyone forego Fox News or be branded un-American. Then, saving his liberal funniest for last, remarking that Van Jones is no more communist than (wait for it)…Glenn Beck.

That got us scrambling (in vain, it seems) for Glenn Beck’s admission of being a communist. Maybe Beau can get a copy of Glenn Beck’s confession from Dan Rather or better yet, maybe Air America can hire Dan and they can work together on stories.

To study Beau at work, and to see the sophisticated methods that Air America utilizes to determine which stories are the most timely and important, watch the embedded video.


Written by Patrick Michael

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We’re nearing the Christmas season and if you were wondering where to find the perfect presents for your loved ones, Glenn Beck has a suggestion.

Visit the NBC store to find some of the finest Obama-themed gifts available anywhere. You can choose from an Obama action figure, a Obama coffee mug, a “Yes We Did” T-shirt, and four other delightful items featuring the President’s image.

That leads directly to Beck’s brilliant analysis of NBC’s prejudiced reporting.

And that analysis is the best gift of all.

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